SYDNEY: The Nordwake Group of companies has continued to strengthen and diversify their offering with the acquisition of Active Occupational Health Services (Active OHS).

Whilst Nordwake found it origins in the Medico Legal Assessment arena, it has – over the past seven years – developed a growth strategy, based on acquiring businesses in the Allied Health industry. Active OHS is the latest company to join the suite of Nordwake businesses, with Independent Medical Opinion (IMO); Medico Legal Reporting Services Australia (MLRSA); Vocational Capacity Centre (VCC); Specialist Opinion Group (SOG); Complete Domestic Care Services (CDC) and 3DMind Solutions (3DMS) already supported within the Nordwake operations.

Nordwake CEO Pieter De Groot has recognised a growing industry focus on injury prevention and management, rehabilitation and return to work or life. “It has been proven that the injured person who is active and returns to life quickly has better recovery outcomes.”

When considering why Active OHS was a good fit for Nordwake, De Groot was wholeheartedly engaged: “Active OHS has an excellent reputation delivered through their professionalism, integrity, respect for both employers and employees, and proven by the outcomes they deliver – we felt that this company would be well aligned to the values that we promote within the Nordwake Group.”

This transaction is the second Allied Health business acquisition for Nordwake within 12 months, after having acquired occupational and vocational rehabilitation business 3DMS at the start of the year. When asked about why this was a good acquisition, De Groot was circumspect: “Active OHS has a fantastic presence in Sydney, whilst 3DMS continues to provide services to our Northern NSW and Queensland clientele. Having both businesses being able to support one another with their expertise, whilst having their own client locations, adds value to our long-term strategy.”

Active OHS Founder, Kerry Foster, is continuing on with the business, along with the other staff currently located in Liverpool. Foster is very positive about the acquisition: “I have created many fond memories since founding the business 25 years ago, and this next stage of our business will no doubt open up many new opportunities. We believe strongly in the value of our team, building customer intimacy with our clients and being able to continue our exceptional standard of service with integrity. We feel that we will be strongly supported within the Nordwake Group and look forward to working with the team.”

The acquisition represents a 100% buyout of Active OHS, which will entail moving staff and offices to the Nordwake premises in Goulburn St, Sydney in the New Year. This will enable access to the shared services and facilities – including the Customer Contact Centre, Quality Assurance, facility management, ICT-services, finance and administration.

About Nordwake

Nordwake is a privately held Australian Company and is the Support Office to multiple brands in the injury management and occupational health market and provides operational infrastructure to a substantial team of medical and allied health specialists. Clients are insurance companies, the legal profession, large employers, government institutions and the regulator.

About Active OHS

Established in 1995 to empower employers to take control of the health, safety and welfare of their workers and create best practice workplaces. Working well together is critical to success – empowered by a culture of rehabilitation professionals working as a supportive and cohesive team, to achieve prompt and durable return to work outcomes for injured workers. Both in-house and outsourced Occupational Therapists are engaged to deliver the best outcomes for all client needs.